Norwichtown Historic District

AddressProperty NameParcel ID
1 Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a76/1/18
10 Elm Avenue, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/38
10 Huntington Lane, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/2
10 Old Cemetery Lane, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/47
10 Scotland Road, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/19
100 Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/31
11 Harland Road, Norwich, CTn/a76/2/89
11 Huntington Lane, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/13
12 Elm Avenue, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/37
12 Mediterranean Lane, Norwich, CTVictorian, Georgian, Others67/2/36
13 Harland Road, Norwich, CTDaniel Leffingwell Stocking Factory76/2/90
14 Elm Avenue, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/36
14 Scotland Road, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/18
15 East Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/21
16 Elm Avenue, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/35
16 Huntington Lane, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/1
17 Harland Road, Norwich, CTn/a76/2/93
17 Huntington Lane, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/14
17 West Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a67/2/26
18 Elm Avenue, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/34
18 Huntington Lane, Norwich, CTn/a60/1/18
19 East Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/12
2 Canterbury Tpk, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/44
2 Elm Avenue, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/42
2 Mediterranean Ln, Norwich, CTThe district includes properties in two parcels- Parcel- I and II, as bounded such as and described in Ordinance No. 439, Section 7, entitled ' An Ordinance establishing an Historic District and an Historic District Commission for the City of Norwich.67/2/30
2 Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a76/1/13
20 Coit Lane, Norwich, CTn/a68/2/82
20 Harland Road, Norwich, CTJames Lincoln House76/1/34
20-22 Elm Avenue, Norwich, CTn/a67/3/51
21 Harland Road, Norwich, CTn/a_
21 West Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a67/2/25
22 East Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/65Norwichtown Historic District,Norwich,34 East Town Street,34 East Town Street,Samuel Huntington House,68/1/66
22 Huntington Lane, Norwich, CTn/a60/1/19/1
23 East Town Street, Norwich, CTGeneral Jedediah Huntington68/1/11
26 Coit Lane, Norwich, CTn/a68/2/81
26 Scotland Road, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/17
27 Scotland Road, Norwich, CTn/a60/1/80
27 West Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a67/2/24
29 West Town Street, Norwich, CTDr. Philip Turner Homestead67/2/23
3 Coit Lane, Norwich, CTn/a68/2/79
3 Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a76/1/17
30 Huntington Lane, Norwich, CTn/a60/1/19
32 Scotland Road, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/16
33 East Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/9
335 Washington Street, Norwich, CTLieutenant Thomas Leffingwell House76/2/86
348 Washington Street, Norwich, CTn/a76/1/14
35 East Town Street, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/8
357 Washington Street, Norwich, CTn/a76/1/22
359 Washington Street, Norwich, CTn/a76/1/21
36 Scotland Road, Norwich, CTn/a68/1/15