Watertown Historic District

AddressProperty NameParcel ID
10 DeForest Street, Watertown, CTMunson House/ Board of Education_
100 North Street, Watertown, CTn/a99/57/13
101 Hamilton Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a108A/60/30
101 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a_
104 Hamilton Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/20
107 North Street, Watertown, CTn/a99/58/1
125 North Street, Watertown, CTn/a_
126 North Street, Watertown, CTn/a99/56/13
13 Warren Way, Watertown, CTn/a99/57/1A
130 North Street, Watertown, CTn/a_
138 North Street, Watertown, CTn/a99/56/15
14 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTNathaniel B. Wheeler House/ Harry & Charlotte Heminway House and Carriage house99A/61/3
141 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/13
147 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/64/6
148 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/65/22
15 The Green, Watertown, CTn/a_
151 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/12
153 DeForest Street, Watertown, CTn/a99A/61/1
153 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/64/5
156 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/65/23
165 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTAner Bradley II House98A/59/11
165 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/64/4
166 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTJudson Inn99A/65/24
17 North Street, Watertown, CTn/a_
175 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/64/3
178 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/65/25
18 Warren Way, Watertown, CTn/a99/56/7
181 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/10
182 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/65/26
186 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/65/27
190 Main Street, Watertown, CTn/a99/57/2
191 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/64/2
199 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/9
20 Dickerman Street, Watertown, CTn/a99/56/10
21 Dickerman Street, Watertown, CTn/a99/56/11
211 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/8
212 Woodruff Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a99A/65/28
22 DeForest Street, Watertown, CTAmos Gridley Store/ Old Town Hall/ Fire Department_
227 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a98A/69/6
230 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a_
238 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a_
241 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/5
25 Hamilton Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a_
25 The Green, Watertown, CTChrist Church_
259 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a_
27 North Street, Watertown, CTn/a_
271 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/2
28 Academy Hill, Watertown, CTn/a99A/62/7
28 DeForest Street, Watertown, CTn/a99/57/5
28 Hamilton Avenue, Watertown, CTn/a98A/59/14